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Car rental in Astana/Nur-Sultan from the most reliable company of the international level Naniko!

The company of the most trustworthy car rental service offers car hire is in Astana! Here impossible always will be possible, as you will be able to hire a car in Astana of any make and class at any time.

We provide our services to all desirous. To rent a car from our company can everyone, at the age of 21, having two years of car driving experience.

Rent a car in Astana – We have a good experience with VIP clients and execute urgent orders.

Astana is the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan, so here comes a lot of people every day  for a variety of cases. It is possible to take a car for a rent in Astana on Naniko, which will be from the business and executive class. If you are unable to drive yourself, you can order a professional driver's service. Our drivers are all qualified and know all the roads of the city, as well as beyond it.

Car hire in Astana is – comfort, low prices, quality service!

You book a service: car for hire in Astana from our company, and we guarantee you:

  • The cheapest rates for rental cars throughout the city
  •  Rates already include all local taxes and VAT
  •  Rates include insurance
  • Unlimited Mileage
  •  24 hour support of our technical staff

Car Hire in Astana – If you need a car, please contact us right now, we will find you the perfect version of the car at an affordable cost to you. Contact our operators, who will book for you a car, or do it yourself. In this case, you must fill out the application form and send us copies of your documents. We demand the minimum number of customer documents: passport copy and a copy of a driver's license.

Astana main city of the country in the form of culture, politic, economic, education. Here is solved the most important issues for the country. Astana became the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1997.

Construction of the capital still goes fast temps. There are luxury hotels, glass skyscrapers and buildings with unique designs.

What can be done and in what places can visit in Astana?

If you want to get acquainted with the national character and the way of country life you can visit one of the most famous bazaars of the East. Here you can taste the sweetness, to buy gifts for loved ones and meet with national elements. Surprisingly, you can be a witness performances of street actors.

Each guest of Astana must walk along a three-tier bridge, which is a huge pedestrian avenue. There are:  the shops, exhibition halls, parking, offices.

You necessarily have to be in the national restaurant and taste the famous national dish, which is made of meat: beshbarmak or shuzhuk. The most famous place where you can find the most elegant and famous restaurants, this an avenue Turan.

Rental car in Astana from our company and enjoy with your visit to the city for one hundred percent! Our operators are waiting for your application!


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