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Located on the Black Sea shore, bordering with Turkey, Batumi is a very well-known seaside spa thanks to its subtropical climate. This hot and humid climate contributed to the development of rich and exotic vegetation. Here can enjoy the intense scent of magnolia, citrus and cypress.

Rental cars in Batumi – Currently, this active city has a great importance not only depending on tourism, but also as a port and Commercial and business center. Therefore, coming here for a holiday or for important business negotiations, always ideal and indispensable is a service of car rental in Batumi. Many tourists enjoy a rest on the rocky shoreline or a beautiful pebble beach's of Sarpi.

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Batumi offers a wide variety of entertainment, with the city center in the European style, the fortress of the first century, a magnificent botanical garden and the famous city park; here everyone will find something fun to own taste and interests. Adding to all this the traditional Georgian hospitality, delicious Georgian dishes, special wines stored in the local cellars and produced by centuries-old traditions, you'll see why Batumi has always been a preferred point for cruise ships for many decades.

In the presence of your convenient vehicle hired in Batumi, you can go to a stunning botanical garden, located near the center, and enjoy the surprisingly green natural area that stretches along the coast. This garden is a perfect place for walking, there are approximately 5,000 species of subtropical plants from around the world.

Visit of Gonio fortress takes you into the classical era, and its existence is associated with an important strategic position. It was built on the site of the former Greek Apsaros, at the mouth of the river Chorokhi. Fortress complex dates back to the first century AD, and it should be noted that Pliny the Elder described it in his Natural History.

In subsequent periods, the fortress became a significant defensive turnpike of the Eastern Roman Empire. Gonio, after some time was the Genoese trading colony, then came under the rule of the Ottoman Empire.




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