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The Finnish capital, Helsinki, is the most modern European city, with a cosmopolitan way of life and lifestyle, where great attention is paid to harmonious coexistence with nature. Helsinki, in large part, appears for visitors in different roles due to the change of seasons. It is a city with long summer days in the period from May to the end of September, which grants residents and guests with sunshine for 19 hours, and a wonderful and snowy winter from November to December, imparts its special charm to this wonderful land. If your trip is in summer time, then do not forget to use the service of car rental in Helsinki and go on a picnic in the sea fortress of Suomenlinna, which is a true miracle of ancient architecture. Certainly worth a visit is the Lutheran Cathedral of  Tuomiokirkko. This magnificent white Cathedral dominates the central Senate square and has become a recognized symbol of Helsinki.
Your trip will be much more economical and more comfortable thanks to the advantageous packages of services for rent a car in Helsinki from Naniko, which provides for the needs of its customers the services in numerous locations in Helsinki, airports and cities throughout Finland.

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Naniko is an independent company that offers the most developed and refined mobility services to all who need a means of travel while on a business trip or on vacation. Our website always provides the most diverse packages of services and the most competitive prices, which allows you to save your budget significantly, as well as time to search. We are able to provide the lowest prices without sacrificing quality of service.

The purpose of the company Naniko was originally aimed at the introduction of the concept of transparency in the market of on-line auto rental. Since the number of Internet sites offering similar services has sharply increased in recent years, there has arisen an urgent need for such services that our company can offer for today to more clearly review the available options.

Our site is already available in many languages ​​and we are working all over the world, in the most demanded areas. Every year we serve thousands of customers, and to our great satisfaction they have become our regular customers for many years, as they are satisfied with our service system and the offered tariffs.

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In addition to the basic packages of services on our website, you can also find a range of additional services, which also include various accessories for greater convenience and security.

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