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Latvia is a small country in Europe, which is due to the Soviet occupation was hidden from the world for nearly 50 years. This may explain the fact that Latvia is amongst few countries on the continent, the ecosystem of which were not actively altered by human activity, and pristine territories still occupy more than 50%.

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  • For receiving an auto must show your reservation voucher, passport, drivers license and credit card in the name of the tenant.
  • In the moment of making online booking  via our site, or when getting the vehicle you can order additional accessories like car seats for children of different ages, luggage baskets, holders of skis or GPS.
  • Rental cars in Latvia – Full auto insurance, also all local taxes already comprised in the price and you do not have to pay it extra.
  • Your booked car can be provided and also returned to any favorable for you place.
  • Do not miss the sight of that you need to have available a driving license of international standard issued in Latin.

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A trip to Latvia cannot ignore the pass to its capital Riga, which impresses with its historic center of  medieval era and buildings, created between the thirteenth and eighteenth centuries. It's just an architectural gem! In addition, there are about 900 buildings in the Art Deco style.

Apart from Riga, not to be missed are also several unique places of historical, architectural and cultural importance.

Aglona is only two hours distance from Riga by car rental in Latvia and has a in presence the Roman Catholic basilica – the spiritual center of Christianity of Latvians.

Daugavpils – the second largest town and is rich in various temples of incredible beauty, as well as noted as the most cosmopolitan city in Latvia, thanks to the multi-ethnic composition of the population.

Jurmala, located in the Gulf of Riga, will give an excellent opportunity to relax and rejuvenate on the beautiful beaches, with the adoption of hot mud baths, and wonderful fresh air of pine forests.

Among the numerous parks, the natural reserve Slitere provides exceptional atmosphere of dunes and forests untouched by man. Here one struck by the unique flora and fauna, unfortunately lost elsewhere in Northern Europe.

The eastern part of the country known as the land of blue lakes due to the presence of a thousand lakes. Many tourists appreciate a halt in these places to taste the famous smoked trout caught in the clear waters of lakes in Latvia. 


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