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The best options for car rental at Skopje airport and low tariffs for rent a car from Naniko

The capital city of Macedonia, Skopje is the oldest city and its history dates back to 4000 BC, because this territory was inhabited since the times of Neolithic era. Located near the Varde River, the city is an ideal starting point for traveling in different directions. Over the past decades, there has been a significant industrial growth, and the tourism sector has become the foremost sphere. In this regard, the international airport of Skopje has a rather large load.
This airport, named after Alexander the Great, is the largest and busiest of the two existing Macedonian airports. The increase in the flow of travelers led to the situation that the passenger turnover of the airport over the past years reached about 830 thousand people. The terminal is equipped with advanced system of services for travelers and here you can also get a car rental service at Skopje Airport, which will ensure you the convenience of independent travel around the city.

Rent a car at Skopje airport through Naniko system and get the most economical services!

If you have already decided on the dates of your trip on business or leisure, then you can immediately book a car for rent, specify the desired period, direction and necessary car, using convenient filters. Access to the range of options according to your criteria you will get in seconds.

The most important task for us is to provide an ideal balance of price and quality of services offered to our customers. Our tariffs have the highest degree of competitiveness and in the prices for services already included taxes and the cost of mandatory auto insurance.

If you decide to travel all over the country and you have to do many kilometers, then you will not have to face additional costs, since we provide unlimited mileage for all our cars.

The extensive network of our company’s rental locations throughout Macedonia, as well as in most countries of the world, will allow you to obtain the necessary car rental services wherever your journey lies. It will also be easy for you to carry out a linear route both inside the country and crossing state borders, without having to return to the starting point, as you will be able to return the car to our nearest rental point.

Get the lowest prices and best conditions of car rent at Skopje Airport from Naniko and enjoy your trip!

The cordiality and professionalism of our staff is an important part of your successful experience of rent a car. Whatever your doubts and questions regarding the system of services, you can always get comprehensive information from both our polite operators and specialists.

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