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Unique options for car rental in Skopje and advantageous deals for rent a car with Naniko

The beautiful city of Skopje is the capital of today’s Republic of Macedonia. This city throughout its long history has gone through many events and was dominated by several superpowers. For a long time, the Ottoman Empire held absolute power here, and this is very clearly confirmed by the presence of a large number of mosques and buildings of that period. But despite this, in Skopje, you can also see churches of the Byzantine era, as well as Roman ruins, including the aqueduct. To date, the population of the capital of Macedonia is about 700 000 inhabitants. Skopje is located in the center of the Balkans and the Vardar River crosses it, then flowing into the Aegean Sea, passing through Greece.
The capital is equipped with an extensive network of public transport and, in particular, with a good system of public buses. This network extends to different parts of the city. But for freedom of movement during the trip, the most acceptable and more advantageous is the service of car rental in Skopje, which is offered on the sites of the company Naniko. The historical center of the city is partly pedestrian, but not so large in size and it can be freely explored by walking. Around the center there are many parking areas where you can park your car rent in Skopje. For security reasons, it is not recommended to leave the car on the street.

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Finding the right car for you through our convenient booking system can be done very easily, using filters and specifying all the criteria of the car you need. Then, in a few minutes you will be able to complete the entire booking process. Here you can reserve the accessories necessary for your travel style, as well as choose additional services, in the range of which the services of professional drivers, option of second driver, transfers and more are offered.

To receive the ordered car you will need to provide personal documents and a booking voucher, with the details of your order. Pay attention to the special requirements for personal documents in a particular country, and in particular for a driving license. You can receive this information in advance from our qualified operators.

Use our 24-hour service for your safe trip. In the event of an unforeseen situation on the road, free of charge assistance from our technical team will be available to you.

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The unlimited mileage that we give our customers for all our cars will be a huge benefit and will help you make an economical trip for any long distances.

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