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Those who intend to make an interesting trip, escape from everyday routine and find an unusual direction, do not need to go too far, since the capital of Albania can be an excellent choice. It should be noted that Tirana has become a true star of sudden development and in just a few years has become one of the popular places for tourism in the Balkan Peninsula. Here you can enjoy everything that is able to offer this city, beautiful architecture, fashionable restaurants, shopping streets and much more, if you use car rental services in Tirana. Any traveler knows that the ability to organize their vacation days in an autonomous and flexible mode is an essential part of the trip. Let’s see what you can see in this city, which is able to offer interesting for visitors of all ages.
Undoubtedly, the architectural beauty of the capital and surrounding areas can best be learned with the availability of car for rent in Tirana, and Naniko will be able to supply you with the most interesting and economical offers. In the center of the city it is recommended to visit the magnificent Skanderbeg Square, which served as a platform for the leaders of the communist regime.

Not so far from Tirana you can reach the fortress of Petrerla, which rises on a rocky hill and in antiquity served as a watchtower for protection from enemy troops.

Get access to information on how to explore the city with car rent in Tirana and how to save more thanks to Naniko!

Since Naniko cares about its customers, it has created a simple booking system, where a broad range of vehicles is provided. Booking online via our system is feasible in a few minutes. Here you will find a variety of packages of services, from hourly rental and up to offers in the long term.

Always keep in mind that when you receive the ordered car, at the place of registration of the rental agreement, you must provide originals of personal documents, not copies.
You have the advantage of free canceling an order or changing its details. To do this, you must contact us no later than 48 hours before the start of the rental period.
In fact, our tariffs already take into account local taxes and compulsory car insurance and you will not have to pay any additional mark-ups.

Discover new places with auto rent in Tirana by Naniko, which has never been so easy!

Given the possibility of free movement and reaching any places, it is truly incomparable with anything in any trip, whether it is a short trip or a long-term visit.

To find out why the majority choose services from Naniko, it is worth summarizing:
Booking in real time in just a few easy steps.
Presence of numerous points of hire in the country and around the world.
Always impeccable vehicles equipped with amenities

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