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Italy – “Made in Italy”

Hidden charm of Italy

For those who are going to organize a trip to Italy can be sure to hold an unforgettable holiday in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Italy not only enchants you with its natural and cultural beauties, but also pleasantly surprised by opportunities in the fashion and gastronomic characteristics. Everyone will surely find something for its own taste. A charming and polite people, according to their ancient traditions, turn Italy into a country of more than a glamorous and full of charm.

The charm of Italy is the result of a happy combination of history, culture and gastronomy. Despite the geographical features and the wonderful nature in different regions that fascinate all during a trip to Italy, always found the historical and cultural treasures, culinary arts and wonders of auto industry and fashion, which makes this country unique.

  "Made in Italy"

Elegance, uniqueness and tradition – that is "Made in Italy", and in the case of vehicles manufactured in Italy, this is certainly a fine example.

Tribute to the great designers who create the model, one can only dream of, Italy made ​​famous throughout the world.

It is necessary to mention some of them, covering sixty years of automotive history in Italy (1920-1980): from cars after World War I, and to the present day, standard or racing versions.

In most cases, it samples that contain the history, in addition to the uniqueness of the body that make them famous. Models such as the Fiat 8V, created to enhance the brand image of the sport, or a Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, which were designed just 34 copies and is one of the most sought-after on the collectors' market. It is known that a rough prototype of this model was sold for 16.39 million dollars at auction in the United States by Gooding & Company.

Among the most well-known models as Lamborghini Miura, constructed between 1966 and 1973, one of the most popular and requested for car star shows. Among its more famous owners are Elton John and Dean Martin. Among his fans even Hussein of Jordan and the Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who had two, one of which is bought at auction in 1997, actor Nicolas Cage for $ 490,000, the highest price paid for this model.

Among the models of the 20s and 30s cars that can be seen only at the international competitions of beauty and elegance, as Lancia Lambda 1925. The model was born after the war and is considered by historians as the first car of the two masterpieces by Vincenzo Lancia.

Masterpieces by the great masters of car design, real sheet metal sculptors, are design "ambassadors" of “made ​​in Italy”. It's hard to forget the charm that distinguishes their creations even today.