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Estonia placed in the north-east of Europe, together with Latvia and Lithuania, create a zone of the Baltic States. Country with 1.3 million dwellers and is the smallest of the three Baltic states. Here dominates the flat landscape with vast scaffold and swamps, there are more than 1400 lakes Car rental in Estonia – and numerous rivers, and the highest point at 318 meters – Suur Munamägi.

Estonia welcome awaits its guests, both for business and for an unforgettable tour of charming itineraries. And a simple and convenient way to visit is to rent a car in Estonia.

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Estonia has a mild climate with cool and wet weather during of the year.

Tallinn is the capital, with a population of 402,000 inhabitants and disposed on the northern littoral of the Gulf of Finland, is a major port.

The old town presents a well-preserved mediaeval section.

In Estonia the last decade has seen significant growth in tourism, where you can get pleasure of the travel over short distances, and walk in the sights or take a pleasant shopping experience.

Here are a lot of sites that you can visit by vehicle hired in Estonia. The main thing is not to lose a sight of the visit of the Town Hall Square in the capital. Built in the Gothic style of the fourteenth century, the area in the last centuries was witnessed folk festivals, executions and mass riots, and today, here in December inflames merry Christmas market.

Then visit the medieval city walls of the thirteenth century, more than 2 km in length and with more than 40 towers.

Estonians are people of rich culinary traditions, and many of them have own gardens and enjoy the fruits of their labor during the year.

The local cuisine was formed with the influence of neighboring countries, so you can find traces of Scandinavian, Russian and German cuisine, as well as a hint of French and Italian.

Estonian chefs emphasize respect for nature in the modern kitchen and show their loyalty to the natural ingredients to prepare simple dishes.



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