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Rent a car from a company Naniko car rental in Uzbekistan – the most favorable offer for you!

Rent a comfortable car to drive on the roads of Uzbekistan from the international company Naniko! If you take a rent a car in Uzbekistan from our company, you will not have limit for the kilometer, and you will be able to travel as much as you want.

 Car rental in Uzbekistan from our company, it is – just, cheap and convenient!

On our site you can find the lowest price, compared with other companies. In our fleet there are different cars for different needs. At your request can take a car from our company anywhere in the country, but this issue should be agreed in advance.

You can purchase the services of a professional driver; you can drive on business meetings or arrange an unforgettable tour.

Cars for a rent in Uzbekistan – plan your trip with our company!

Our rates do not include additional fees and hidden taxes. Rental price already includes VAT, local taxes and insurance.

Book your car of your dream just in a few seconds through our web-site, you must specify the exact location, time and date of reception and delivery of the car, fill the application form and do not forget to attach a copy of the passport and driving license.

Car hire in Uzbekistan from our company is possible for as individuals and legal entities.

And most importantly, you can find a car hire in Uzbekistan at the low prices!

Uzbekistan – a country in central Asia. The country has access to the Aral Sea. The relief of the country is mainly mountainous. The country’s climate is continental. The capital is – Tashkent. Uzbekistan ranks fourth place in the world of the gold reserves.

The Silk Road passed through Uzbekistan, and traces of the ancient East today can be seen in the following cities: Samarkand, Khiva, and Bukhara. The most favorite and popular dish for tourists and among the inhabitants is a real Uzbek pilaf, which has more than a thousand years’ history.

The program of tours in Uzbekistan includes tours mainly to the following cities: Tashkent, Shahrisabe, Termez, Khiva. The historic center of Bukhara is included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO. There is a tomb of the formidable conqueror – Tamerlane in Samarkand. Rental cars in Uzbekistan – you can order all the necessary additional accessories for added comfort. You can take: baby seat, luggage cart, bike holders, snow chains, GPS Navigator, MP3 adapter, and others.

Take the car from our company, you will be in touch with our staff within 24 hours and help you solve any problem.

Company Naniko awaits you in Uzbekistan!

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