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Rent a car at Vilnius Airport from Naniko at affordable price and best service for car hire

Vilnius is a Lithuanian capital and cosmopolitan city represents a variety of architectural styles. Founded in 1323, Vilnius today has become an important financial center, where the new town center is full of modern buildings of glass and metal. And yet, a well-preserved historic center is part of the World Heritage.

Book a car rental in Vilnius Airport and take the opportunity to be free from public transport to explore the area, visit the castle of Trakai and the geographical center of Europe.

To discovear all the wealth and splendor of the city, you will help Naniko with offers a car renting at the airport in Vilnius!

  • On our vehicle, you can also go to neighboring countries that you project to visit. But be sure to specify this in advance to get special permission by company.
  • Rental cars in Vilnius Airport –  If you desire to add another driver also, it is necessary his presence when receiving the vehicle and the valid passport and driving license.
  • There are age limits for hiring a car. In most cases, this is the minimum age of 21 years.
  • Cancelation or retrofit your order is possible without any sanctions 48 hours before the start of the lease.
  • Contact in this regard with the mobile operator or company will announce to our email address.
  • Full Casco car insurance and all local taxes are comprised in the lease, no hidden costs. 

Enjoy all-inclusive rates from Naniko, exploring the surrounding area by car hired at the airport in Vilnius!

International Airport of Vilnius is only 7 km from the town and the largest one in the country. There are available bus and train connation to the city.

In 2008, passenger traffic exceeding two million, and shortly before it was constructed new and modern terminal. Vilnius airport is the major base for AirBaltic, providing connection to many major European cities. At present, 17 different airlines operate there, providing direct and charter flights.

The terminal of Vilnius Airport is fully equipped with a set of services for passengers, including duty-free shops, a good selection of restaurants, 8 different bars and cafes, wireless Internet access, ATM and a business lounge. Hotel Skrydis, disposed at the airport is any time ready to provide services to its guests.

Those who prefer to explore the city in order and in series, it is preferably to start with Gediminas castle and towers, churches and cathedrals of the fifteenth century. The trip by rent a car from the airport of Vilnius to a small funicular, from where cable car will take you to the top of the hill Gediminas to admire the gorgeous views of the city! 

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