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This beautiful city of Munich is the third largest city in Germany and at the same time the center of Bavaria. In the old town called Altstadt you can see many interesting historical buildings, and the Marienplatz is the heart of the city, where the beautiful Neo-Gothic building of Neue Rathaus stands, which has a tower with the symbol of the city. Every year, starting from the last Saturday of September, Munich turns into an arena for big festivities. The world-famous beer festival, Oktoberfest, attracts millions of tourists and in these days consumed a myriad of this drink.
The city has about 1.3 million inhabitants, although taking into account the suburbs, this number almost doubles.
Munich is disposed in the south of Germany and on the northern side of the Alps, it is crossed by the Isar River. Due to this geographical location, the summer period can be rainy, and winters are quite cold.

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