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Rent a car in Kyrgyzstan from the international car rental company Naniko!

You decide to spend your holiday in Kyrgyzstan And for moving you need a comfortable car? You can contact our company and order a convenient car renting in Kyrgyzstan.

The car rental company with the international level offers the best options for service – car hiring in Kyrgyzstan.

Car hire in Kyrgyzstan – Book your car in online mode using the simplified system of our reservation, and get from our company the guarantee of a reliable and comfortable means to travel on the roads of Kyrgyzstan. Booking through our website or mobile devices is possible instantly, in a few seconds. You have to enter your details in the application form and attach copies of important documents. This is a copy of the passport and a copy of a driver’s license. If you are traveling to Kyrgyzstan with your companion, who have the same desire to drive a car, you can formalized he/she as an additional driver and do not forget to attach a copy of his/her documents.

Car Rental in Kyrgyzstan – comfortable cars for you and your friends!

The low cost from our company have includes the following

  • Insurance against accidents, insurance against the loss, which is inflicted by a third party, insurance against theft
  • Unlimited mileage – will give you an excellent opportunity to travel without restrictions, without the thinking to save your money
  • All local taxes in Kyrgyzstan and of course – VAT
  • Immediate help from our technical staff at the cases of road accidents and any damage
  • The contact with our operators to help solve your problem during 24 hours

Conditions of pick up and delivery of the car:

  • Car for the moment of pick up will be with a full tank of fuel, and the customer must return the car in the same form
  • The pick up and delivery time of the car – around the clock
  • n The vehicle can take and pass only those persons, who is the signer of the contract
  • You can get and put the car in the place that you specified in the application form

The minimum age for drivers is 21 and he must have at least two years driving experience.

The most optimal variants of service – Rent a car in Kyrgyzstan from a company Naniko!

What type of vehicle can be used to drive on the roads of Kyrgyzstan?

The relief in Kyrgyzstan is mountainous. More than three-quarters of the entire territory is covered with the high mountains, so our company recommends that customers take a rental SUV, if you plan to travel outside the city. In the city can use the vehicle of the economy class, of the middle class, of the business class, sports cars and convertibles.

Rental cars in Kyrgyzstan – In our fleet you can always find a car that will meet the requirements of your trip.

Watch for regular deals and get for a free cost an accessory or a service of the additional driver, etc.

If you are going to Kyrgyzstan for business visit, we recommend that you order the service of qualified driver who will always be able to bring you in time to your destination.

Open all publishing appalling places of Kyrgyzstan on vehicles from our company. Arrange an unforgettable holiday and become a part of our company!

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