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The capital of Hungary is equipped with an international airport, which in Hungarian is called Ferihegyi Nemzetközi Repülőtér, or often abbreviated as Ferihegyi. Since the time when Hungary joined the European Community in 2004, the flow of passengers has increased significantly and the airport has soon reached a record number of 8 million passengers. The convenient location of the airport only in 20 km from the center of Budapest is making it even more in demand for reaching various nearby destinations. It is easily accessible both by public transport and by private car and for this you can take advantage of efficient service of car rental from Budapest airport.

The airport is equipped with a refined range of services, shops and restaurants, the number of which is planned to increase in the near future. In the aircraft industry, Budapest Airport is designated by the IATA code of BUD.
Proper organization of the trip can significantly affect the quality of the trip and therefore, it should be emphasized that by rent a car at Budapest airport from Naniko you can enjoy a full sense of freedom, a typical road in all its pleasant manifestations and make the most of your trip perfect.


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Having complete a booking through our system, with the help of convenient filters, you will have a reservation voucher with all the details of the order inside. This document must be submitted together with the rest of the documents when you receive the car.
Throughout the rental period, Naniko employees will provide you with the correct coverage of both rental issues and any issues related to this. If unforeseen complications are created on the road, our rapid response technical team will hurry to help you, and if necessary, you will be provided with a replacement of car with model of corresponding classification.


The assortment of our fleet will allow you to choose the most suitable for you. There are agile city models, elegant sedans for special occasions, convenient minivans for group trips and much more. Any goal of your trip planned by you will be easily implemented by car rental from our company.
If you have to travel often for a business issues or for personal purposes, you will be able to use our services all over the world, and by becoming our regular customer, you will be able to receive special offers and favorable rates.


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