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By its location in the core of the Caucasus, Armenia historically had a strategically stance betwixt Europe and Asia, as well as significant its role emphasized by a function that gives us the Bible. During the Flood, Noah’s Ark landed on Mount Ararat, located at that time in the territory of Armenia. The peak of the mountain was the solely piece of ground, and Armenia became the first in the region to adopt Christianity. Here preserved sanctuaries and monasteries are amongst the most glorious in the world.

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Car rental in Armenia – The country has an impressive tourist potential, unique landscapes and natural areas that are ideal for ecotourism. To avoid the difficulty of achieving different places, it’s better to provide yourself by vehicle rental, booked just in a few clicks on the website

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Embark on a journey across the country, of course, it is reasonable from the capital Yerevan. This is the oldest city on the banks of the river originated Hradzan, in the fertile plains of Ararat.

Walking through its streets, tourists can see the leavings of the fortress, built more than 3000 years ago! Here you can discover the structure of different eras, such as the Cathedral, the Opera and the central market. Ancient treasures stored in the National Museum of History are striking, and the splendor of the botanical garden is charming.

Rental cars in Armenia – If there is a vehicle for hire, you can reach Artashat, the oldest city in the country, ancient temples which for today are surrounded by modern metropolis. Leaves an unforgettable impression the visit of the convent of Khor Virap and then a trip to Vanadzor.

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Rent a car in Armenia – Do not miss the possibility to visit Garni, located in the province of Kotayk, where you can see fortress of to the third millennium BC. Cathedral of Holy Etchmiadzin is the most significant temple for the Armenians. Inside of the building are  some incredible finds, such as the hand of St. Gregory, the Holy Lance and several wooden pieces of Noah’s Ark!

Beautiful nature of Armenia hospitably open to the guests, from the tops of the mountains and along rivers, providing an opportunity to sunbathe on the coasts of Lake Sevan.





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