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Azerbaijan is a land located betwixt the Caucasus and the Caspian Sea. The populace is approximately 9 million people, and its capital is Baku.

The country is known for the rich production of oil, which was discovered here in the

Middle ages. One of the first pipelines was laid in 20th of last century.

In addition, the wealth of the historical heritage of Azerbaijan makes it interesting for tourism. To visit various places in the country is very reasonable to think in advance about the car rental.

Book on your auto hire to explore the mountain sceneries of Azerbaijan!

Rent a car in Azerbaijan – Conditions in various companies, due to the age of the driver are different and some time request extra charge if the chauffer is less than 25 years. In our company can lease a car if you are 21 years old, while practice of driving at least two years.

Payment can be accomplished in the preferred form for you, in advance, as transfer or on the spot when taking the car. Since the payment must be in local currency, take care of this in advance, so do not loose due to the unfavorable exchange rate.

When ordering the machine, be cognizant that you can also be provided by additional accessories such as a GPS navigator, luggage baskets, child seats and more.

Traveling on our vehicles, you get a contract with unlimited mileage and completely free passage so many miles as you want.

Convenient service for: car hire in Azerbaijan from our company!

Return the vehicle, as well as its reception can be carried out where it is most convenient to you, according to your travel itinerary.

Azerbaijan surprises visitors with its diversity, taking into consideration the fact of nine different climatic girdles, from moderate to subtropical. Accordingly, the flora and fauna of the nation, covered by national parks is very different.

Driving your vehicle for rent, you can go to the national reserves of Azerbaijan and find out the diverse and rare species of plants and animals.

Low prices for car hire in Azerbaijan from Naniko can save your money and give advantage to see the whole Azerbaijan!

At the Absheron peninsula with the old, numerous castles, you can visit Mardakan. Also interesting is the cult temple of  Persians – Zoroaster. Volcanic landscape coast of the Caspian Sea dazzles the senses, and in Gobustan, you can marvel the rock paintings of 4000 years old, which transmit the ancient history of the country’s population.

Car rental in Azerbaijan – The capital city Baku, which is the largest one in the country, with more than 2 million inhabitants, is surprising with beauty of palaces and diverse architecture. Discover the exotic beauty of this country and the cordiality of its habitants!




Rent a car in Baku

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