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Find the options of car rental in Belgium and the best conditions for rent a car with Naniko

It often happens that for our holidays we choose seashores and the most popular destinations for tourism, in which countries such as Belgium, which is one of the most attractive and multifaceted countries in Europe, can be underestimated. Here you can find a unique cuisine and famous varieties of Belgian beer, picturesque medieval towns, Gothic cathedrals and memorials. In a word, Belgium is the place that fascinates and admires at first sight. Naniko provides services of car rental in Belgium, including airports and all key destinations of the country, and this is the best way to explore a beautiful country.
Whether you are visiting Belgium for business or for pleasure, this country is small enough to cover a visit to a lot of attractions on a short period, but at the same time is large enough to fascinate you every minute for months. The reputation of absolutely refined cuisine and delicious beer is superior here. More than 350 varieties of light and dark beer is an excellent motive for visiting local pubs! And speaking of Belgian chocolate, with its velvety and exquisite taste, you can really imagine a paradise for taste buds. Meanwhile, Belgian cities provide their fascinating historical and cultural past, expressed in a beautiful style of buildings. A true pleasure can be a walk along the streets of Antwerp, where you can see a wide variety of styles, from Romanesque to Baroque, from Gothic and to Renaissance, up to modernist architecture.

Explore the country and enjoy stunning views with car rent in Belgium at the most attractive prices from Naniko!

Our offices are available to you all over Belgium, at airports, train stations and on demanded tourist destinations. Also we are at your disposal all over the world. Our sites are provided in many languages, and on the phone you can get information from our multilingual operators.

In the company’s fleet of vehicles you will always find quality vehicles from the world’s leading automakers, which is a guarantee of safety and proven quality. Here you can choose any type of car from super mini to luxury models suitable for special occasions.

The low level of our competitive prices means that they already include costs for auto-insurance, as well as all local taxes. And your advantage is also in the fact that you receive services first-hand, bypassing intermediary premiums.

Take advantage of the unique possibilities of traveling by auto rent in Belgium, offered by Naniko!

We strive to always provide information to our clients with maximum clarity, we do not have any hidden costs. So, all without unpleasant surprises, just a pleasant experience!

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