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The metropolis of Hungary, Budapest, born from the union of the ancient cities of Buda and Pest, today has about 2 million inhabitants and is disposed on the banks of the Danube river. This city is full of magnificent historical monuments and amazing palaces, beautiful suburbs that can easily be visited by using services of car rental in Budapest from Naniko, through which you can easily achieve any destination in the shortest time.

The ideal place to start your journey will be the Heroes’ Square, where the monument dedicated to the millennium of the founding of the Hungarian nation rises, as well as some symbolic attractions that tell about the glorious history of the country.

Following the Danube, you can see 8 bridges, the most famous of which is the Chain Bridge, opened in 1849. Not too far from here you can observe the Parliament building, which is the most famous building in Budapest, thanks to its white spiers and red domes, which is a symbiosis of the North and Mediterranean architecture.

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Thus, it is easy to come to the conclusion that rent a car in Budapest will be the most correct choice for those who want to explore the city in full autonomy, planning their routes at their own discretion. You will be able to travel more comfortably in Budapest itself and reach the suburbs and environs of the Hungarian capital without the stress of using public transport.