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Bulgaria, located in South-Eastern Europe and occupying the north-eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula, is a small but very picturesque country. If you use the services of car rental in Bulgaria, it is the opportunity to explore this wonderful country at your own pace and on your own terms. In Bulgaria, you can get a car for rent from Naniko, which has many years of experience in the global market, and is a specialist in cheap online rental.
Bulgaria really is an incredibly diverse country from many points of view, both in terms of architectural wealth, geographic location or in terms of climatic conditions. Here you can go for mountain skiing and other winter sports, hiking or the conquest of the snowy peaks of Rila, Pirin and the Balkan Mountains. Lovers of the seaside vacation can luxuriate on the sunny and tranquil shores of the Black Sea. The capital of the country, Sofia, placed at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, meanwhile, provides visitors with a rich architectural heritage, an interesting combination of old and modern.
100 core objects that you can easily visit by car rent in Bulgaria from Naniko, are includes in the Bulgarian touristic Union. These include museums, churches, art galleries, archaeological sites, caves and more.

Explore the country with comfort on car rent in Bulgaria from Naniko and discover wonderful places at bargain prices!

We strive to always provide customers with the best ratio of low prices and high quality. But beyond that, people coming to us get excellent service, cordiality and reliability. Using the maximum comfort, specially created for you by us, you will be able to carry out a really fantastic trip.

Our rental locations are available throughout the country, in the capital and in the most demanded areas. Thus, if you decide to make a linear route and not return to the starting point, then there is an opportunity to take a car rental in one direction, at which you can return the car at the final point of your trip.

We have been cooperating for many years only with the world’s leading automakers and this means that our fleet is always equipped with the best assortment of high-quality vehicles, the advantages of which are safety and proven quality.
At us it is possible to choose any type of the car, from super mini and up to magnificent luxury cars.

Get high quality services for auto rental in Bulgaria and take advantage of unlimited mileage from Naniko!

Our tariffs are always the most competitive and they already include local taxes and insurance. We do not have any hidden costs, as we adhere to the principle of full transparency.

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