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Cheap packages of car rental in Florence and the benefits for rent a car from Naniko

Florence is rightly listed among the most fascinating cities of the peninsula, thanks to the countless works of Renaissance art, famous throughout the world. An innumerable number of tourists visit the capital of Tuscany every year, to enjoy masterpieces of art and spend splendid days exploring the beautiful scenery surrounding the city.
It is understandable why Florence is in fourth place in Italy in terms of travelers. Arriving here, you can use the car rental in Florence to travel around the region in complete freedom. And also it is possible to organize this issue in advance through the Naniko website and choose the vehicle that best suits your needs at the lowest price.
A special charm of Florence is due to the Arno River, which crosses the city in its very center, as well as the Ponte Vecchio, which contains an interesting part of the history and traditions of this region, where there are many jewelry stores located in small houses built on the bridge itself.
The city is full of numerous museums, among which is the Palazzo Pitti, which houses many of the most important works of art. But of course, Florence – not just history and art, in fact, there is a modern and young spirit that can satisfy different tastes. Using convenient rent a car services in Florence, you can go to many places even out of town, where you can enjoy excellent local dishes.
There are numerous pubs and nightclubs, pizzerias and restaurants, for all ages and for any budget.

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The availability of our offices around the world contributes to the number of our customers, who once using our services in a particular country, have the opportunity to obtain preferential terms with further cooperation, wherever they need our services again.

Equipped with a great attention the company’s fleet of vehicles, is able to satisfy a wide variety of needs. Our suppliers of vehicles are always the most reliable and famous world automakers, so our cars are always of the highest quality.
Here you have the opportunity to choose any type of car, ranging from small cars with economy fuel consumption and up to luxury cars.

Travel in the best conditions with auto rental in Florence from Naniko and get an unforgettable experience of the trip!

Having huge turnover, we have the opportunity to regulate the level of our prices so that they are the most competitive in the market. And your advantage is that you receive services from the first hand and there are no intermediary additives, there are no hidden costs and so on.

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