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Find and book your car rental in Helsinki Vantaa airport and rent a car with Naniko

In the distance of 20 km from the capital of Finland, the airport of Helsinki-Vantaa is located, which is connected with the main cities of the whole country and the world. This airport was built in 1952 in honor of the Olympic Games in the Tikkurila area, and then several times it was reconstructed. In 1999, Helsinki-Vantaa was awarded the title of the best airport in the world. An excellent solution in order to fully enjoy the magnificent places while traveling is to rent a car at Helsinki airport. Here you can visit the Finnish Aviation Museum, where you can discover an interesting collection of old and modern aviation objects that have become part of the history of aviation. For those who are looking for an opportunity for a pleasant stay, it will be interesting to go to the entertainment center Flamingo and enjoy the largest indoor water park in Finland. A five-minute drive from the airport is the medieval church of San Lorenzo, and moving further to the east, you will find the scientific center of Eureka, where exhibitions are constantly held and there is a digital planetarium.

Having an excellent location, Helsinki Vantaa is an ideal place for tourists to go to explore the country on any route. In a word, having the convenience of the services of car rental at Vantaa Airport, you can perfectly familiarize yourself with the surroundings and begin your journey in complete comfort.

Organize for yourself a carefree vacation on a car rent in Helsinki Vantaa airport provided by Naniko!

Among the main advantages of our service system you will immediately find out the fact that our prices are the most competitive and they initially include the cost of compulsory car insurance and local taxes. Therefore, you do not have to worry about it later.

In case of changes in your plans, you can always adjust your order or delete it, but not later than two days before the start of the rental period.

No additional or hidden costs we have, as it happens elsewhere. There is a range of additional services and accessories, the cost of which is always clearly indicated in the corresponding section.

From the moment of booking and throughout the rental period, qualified Naniko staff will always be available to you, to provide the right information or to receive the required assistance in different situations.

Book your perfect auto rental at Helsinki Airport from Naniko to discover the world with maximum comfort!

In our extensive and modern fleet of vehicles you can choose any car that is perfect for your travel style. For exploring the urban areas, you can use agile and economical models, for business trips or special events – an elegant sedan, or you can choose a convenient minivan for a family trip.

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