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The presence of sensational and diverse natural features makes Iceland an attractive tourist destination in Europe. Extensive range of natural phenomena and breathtaking views, from geysers, volcanoes and to transparent-clean lakes, everything here irresistibly attracts fans of fresh air. The capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, is a modern and eclectic city where you can discover different cultural attractions.

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We can say that Iceland is a real feast of natural beauty and adventure, therefore nature lovers will find an incredible choice of sights. In the north, Myvatyn offers geothermal wonders, and near you can visit the clear blue lake and watch the life of animals and birds. The Geyser, which gave the name to all the rest of the geysers in the world, throws water at an amazing height of 80 meters, and Gullfoss is the most famous waterfall in Iceland with a height difference of 32 meters.

Rent a car in Iceland is almost necessary, as exploring the island will be much easier and many places will become achievable for you. You can drive through the mysterious reserve of Myvatyn, enjoy the views of the sensational, rocky coastline and watch the most magnificent panoramic views in Europe.

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