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Car rental in Kazakhstan at lower tariffs from international company Naniko!

It is possible to take the car for any period of rent from a wide fleet of Naniko! The international company offers the most convenient car rental in Kazakhstan to the citizens of Kazakhstan and for visitors.

Reasonable prices for all – rent a car in Kazakhstan!

We provide you with the most convenient car renting in Kazakhstan and the following benefits:

  • The best and low rental rates
  • tariffs which include VAT and insurance
  • exclusive cars of different models and classes
  • unlimited mileage

Car hire in Kazakhstan from a company that is trusted by many people around the world. In case of damage or car accident case, our staff will be on site and will provide you with all the necessary assistance.

You can book a rental car in Kazakhstan from our company with or without a driver. Arrange a comfortable moving on the roads of Kazakhstan, only on vehicles from our company.

In Kazakhstan, we have offices in all major cities and so you can take the car in one city and return in another. Pick up of the car is possible not only from the office or airport, but also from the place that you advance reconcile with our operator. In Kazakhstan every day arrives a lot of guests and many of them use the service of car hiring in Kazakhstan.

Car Hire in Kazakhstan – a popular service in the last period!

A few words about Kazakhstan:

The official name of Kazakhstan is – the Republic of Kazakhstan. Most part of the territory of the country is located in a part of Asia, and a smaller part in the European part. It has access to the Caspian Sea.

The relief of the country is represented mainly in the desert and semi-desert form. Only a small portion is covered by steppes and forests. The climate of the country – is sharply continental.

The largest and most important cities of the country – Almaty, Astana, Shymkent, Karaganda and others. The large resorts in the country are: Saryagash, Kapchagai, Burabai, Zerenda, Karkaralinsk, Mualdy, Alakol. Ski resorts: Tabagan, Chimbulak, Akbulak, Elekty. To date, in the country is well developed fishing and mountain hiking. Tourists come to view the grand mosque with gold domes, visit the resorts in the country, enjoy the beauty of Lake Balkhash. The most popular dish of the local cuisine is – plov.

In Kazakhstan, annually hosts major events. Already are planned events for the next years. Take a car for a rent in Kazakhstan from our company and discover all the beauty of the unique country with your own car!

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