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The metropolis of the vast country of Russia, the city of Moscow, was established in 1147 by the Russian prince Yury Dolgoruky, and initially it was a small village on the banks of the Moscow River. Years later, the prince began building the fortifications of the city. The emergence of Moscow among the major cities of Russia has occurred since 1480, thanks to Tsar Ivan III, who became here to create an important cultural and artistic center, new buildings began to be built and the expansion of defensive walls began. Proclaiming himself king of all Russia and uniting the Russian lands, Ivan III also made Moscow as capital of the country.

Moscow lost the role of the capital under Peter the Great, who moved the capital to the city of St. Petersburg founded by him in 1703, on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Moscow faced a serious dilemma of competition with the new political and artistic center. Further, in 1812 the city was almost completely burned down by the invasion of Napoleon’s troops. A new stage of prosperity for the city came in 1918, when, after the victory of the socialist revolution, Moscow was once again proclaimed capital.

The core of the city is the Kremlin, surrounded by a defensive wall with towers, which was built in the twelfth century as a fortress on the banks of the Moskva River.

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You will be able to explore the surroundings of the capital of Russia in full freedom, and also to reach beautiful cities, for example, St. Petersburg, located 630 km from Moscow and easily reachable by car on the motorway M10. Meanwhile, almost 1400 kilometers separate the city of Sochi from the capital, which has the status of a very popular resort.

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