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One can say that Romania is amongst the most authentic countries in Europe, where you can explore and enjoy magnificent hilly landscapes, meadows and forests and interesting towns and villages. More than 50% of Romanians live in cities, and the population is fairly homogeneous, as approximately 90% are of Romanian origin. The populace of this country is distinguished by a proud and stubborn character, and also they have an amazing hospitality. The historical and cultural heritage of Romania tells about patriotism and dedication and is the reason for the pride of the Romanians. Whatever route would you have outlined, everywhere you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the Romanian culture.
If your choice fell exactly on this country for your interesting travel or business trip, then for easy and convenient transportation it is reasonable to choose service of car rental in Romania, and you can find advantageous offers on the website of Naniko. By obtaining a personal vehicle, you can easily master any route and traveling will be just a pleasure.
Having received the car, you can immediately go on the planned routes, or improvising, stop wherever you like most.

The best possibilities for traveling by car rent in Romania are provided to you by Naniko at the best rates!

Our system of services is focused on providing consumers with the opportunity to move in full freedom and to provide maximum access to comprehensive information on this service. The qualified staff of our employees is motivated to provide you with the ideal vehicle and a range of additional services in strict accordance with your needs.

The availability and simplicity of the booking system helps you to quickly and efficiently choose the right car, and with the help of filters you specify any characteristics of the car you need. Even in an already completed order, you can always amend or cancel it if your plans have changed.
We always strive to form our service packages with maximum flexibility and offer a wide range of options from which the client can choose to rent a car for any period of time, and companies can cooperate with us in the most convenient manner for them, getting the maximum benefits.

Detailed information on the benefits for auto rental in Romania is available on the Naniko website for you!

To receive a car, you should always have with you all the necessary documents, a list of which you can find on our pages or ask our operators.
We supply you with the most competitive tariffs, which already take into account taxes and the cost of insurance. And the unlimited mileage provided by us, helps you to travel without limits and additional expenses.


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