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Estonia is the northernmost of the Baltic republics, and its capital Tallinn is disposed on the litoral of the Gulf of Finland. The city has a beautiful historical center, surrounded by an old constructed wall, which is the principal attraction of this pristine Hanseatic city. In those days, class discrepancy were clearly identified and nobles lived in the upper part called Domberg, and the poor lived literally at the bottom.

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For today, Tallinn is inhabited by 400,000 people, accounting for about a third of the Estonian populace. To the south of Tallinn is Lake Ulemiste järv, which is not only a place for active sports and entertainment, but also a major source of fresh water.

In Tallinn, concentrated all the main public institutions and linked services play a significant role. It also launched activities of textile mills and food companies. In recent decade, Tallinn has become a technology center of the Baltic States. It is the metropolis of Estonia was a place of creation of Skype. Significant source of income is tourism also has increased a lot lately.

With availability of vehicle in rent in Tallinn, you can attend numerous appealing places.

Tallinn is well equipped with a well-developed transport network consisting of buses, trolley buses and tram lines, and long-distance ways in addition to buses, served by trains. From the port can also be reached by fast ferry to Helsinki.

The entire city center has available paid parking on the streets, taking into account that the first 15 minutes are free.

In Tallinn, despite the increased cost of living in recent times, it is easy to find comfortable hotels at very reasonable prices. 




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