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The capital of Norway, the city of Oslo has a very rich history, in which there are also difficult periods. So, in the 17th century Oslo was exposed to a fire and almost completely burnt, and then restored by King Christian IV. In his honor, the city received its name Christian, and later, in 1924, the name Oslo was restored. Very few buildings of wood survived the flames, so the city has a predominantly modern look with spacious streets.
Oslo has grown significantly since that time, and if at the beginning of the nineteenth century it was a village with about ten thousand inhabitants, today the population of Oslo is more than half a million people. This growth continues every year and this fact puts Oslo among the fastest growing cities in Europe. In order to get the best travel conditions, you can use car rental services in Oslo and reserve them through the site of the company Naniko.

Arrange a better route or business trip in comfort on your own car rental in Oslo at low fares from Naniko!

With the simple method of booking through our website, you can first find the car you need and reserve it for your trip. As a confirmation of the order, you receive a voucher, which contains all the necessary information regarding the order, for example, prices, model of the selected car, additional services and other data.

When you receive a car at the rental point or at any other address, you need to have a passport and a driving license in order to arrange a lease. Do not lose sight of the fact that the driver’s license must be in the language readable in the country of lease or of the international standard.

A unique opportunity to travel on international routes is provided to you on our cars. As a rule, crossing the country’s borders on a rented car is possible without hindrance if there is special written permission from our company, but in each individual case it is better to coordinate this matter with us in advance.

When paying the cost of services, you will also need to pay the deposit amount, which is determined on the spot, depending on the car model and various technical data. This amount is blocked for the period of rental and is subject to a full refund at the end of the period, provided that the car is delivered in its original condition.

Take advantage of favorable conditions of car rental in Oslo by Naniko and make a successful trip at economical prices!

Among the proposed additional services, very significant are the various auxiliaries necessary for your comfort and safety. Here you can order a GPS navigation system, car seats for children, ski shelves, snow chains and many different things.

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