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The capital of Iceland is the modern city of Reykjavik, which has a cozy city center and many interesting sights. It is around the center that there are spacious and modern residential quarters that expand the scale of the city, although it should be noted that most residents prefer to stay in the center. It must be remembered that Iceland, and in particular Reykjavik, is a very expensive country, in particular, the prices for fresh vegetables, fruits and alcoholic beverages are very high. The city has about 170 thousand inhabitants, which is almost half the population of the whole country. There is such an interesting fact that Icelanders never address each other with the prefix “Mr.” and “Mrs.”, but they are always called by name only.
The capital is disposed in the south-west of Iceland, at the Bay of Fachsaflowy, the shoreline of which is cut by deep bays, and several islands can be seen off the coast. Reykjavik is the most northern capital in the world and is placed near the Arctic Circle.
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