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Rent a car in Ukraine, low cost of Car Rental from Naniko

Ukraine is the second country by its dimensions in Europe, has the capital with a very impressive architecture dominated by a blend of baroque and orthodox cathedrals.

For having an opportunity during the trip to achieve as much attractions and beautiful places that the country has to offer,  tourists make a reasonable choice in favor of car rentals in Ukraine, as the quick and most secure mode of displacement.

Hiring a local driver from Naniko always a plus, when renting a car in Ukraine!

  • Naniko is an independent company providing auto hire services in the existence of a huge fleet in its own, exclusive prices or special discounts.
  • Our company does not charge any penalty in case of cancellation or modification of the order within 48 hours before to the date of the lease.
  • Rental cars in Ukraine – Payment for services can be carried out at your option in cash or non-cash, on the spot when taking a car or in advance.
  • Deposit is required at the period of the lease, which is fully returnable at the finishing of the contract and return the vehicle to the original state.
  • Confirmation for your reservation requires a period of several minutes to several hours. Confirmation voucher you receive at your Email address.
  • Available prices always include the cost of insurance and all taxes.

Booking of auto hire in Ukraine with Naniko is easy and at favorable prices!

Regions of Ukraine were inhabited since immemorial times, although it became an independent state in just the last decades. In large cities such as Kiev, Lvov and Odessa there are a lot of interesting things to see and to do. For those who first visited these cities form of old churches and cobbled streets of Kiev will be a real spectacle, and the Lvov, which lives with an active cultural life, with its stunning architecture, the living personification of the heritage of the Ukrainian people.

Crimea was once the summer residence of the leaders of the Kremlin, but today in this part of Ukraine thriving vineyards and resorts, where in some places there are still the ruins of the monuments of the communist period. Simferopol is the capital, but Yalta known as the Pearl of the Crimea and attracts many visitors. There are many interesting and enjoyable excursions, as in the Nikitsky gardens.

The largest national park in the Carpathians, you can visit with a car for rent in Ukraine. It covers a territory of about 503 square kilometers and encompasses many beautiful mountainous regions of Eastern Europe. Carpathians have a magnificent mountain range and thus here are the best ski resorts in the land.

In the park you can see many wild animals such as lynx, bison, wolves and brown bears, enjoy the scenery and attractive hiking trails of different levels and lengths. And the most desperate enthusiasts can climb the highest peak – Mount Hoverla, at 2061 meters of altitude. 

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