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The magnificent capital of Greece and of the glorious ancient empire, Athens, has for centuries proudly borne its unchanged role of the cradle of ancient culture and civilization, which reached unthinkable heights for its time.
Taking advantage of the offers of car rental in Athens provided by Naniko, you will certainly get a lot of opportunities to explore the city in all its shades, and everything will become much easier than if you use public transport.

Explore the magnificent Acropolis, towering on an isolated plateau on top of a cliff, where many classical buildings such as the Parthenon, the temple of the Ateros Goddesses in Arrheforion and many other monuments are also perfectly visible, is the dream of every tourist.
Then, going down to the center of Athens, you can explore the area of ​​Plaka, which is the most typical for the city, and at the same time, one of the historical districts of the lower city. Walking along alleys and streets, you can visit various traditional handicraft shops and workshops, purchase interesting souvenirs in memory of the trip. Undoubtedly, you should enjoy traditional Greek cuisine, such as moussaka or Greek salad.

Taking into account the fact that Naniko has numerous points for rent a car in Athens, you can be calm that you can get the ordered car in the right place, as well as at the airport, which is located just half an hour from the city.

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