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About Armenia: Naniko rent a car

Armenia – is the country of southern hospitality, ancient monuments, distressful history and the most delicious apricots in the world.
The country is worth of tourist attention and will dazzle you with its diversity. Plenty of ancient Christian churches attracts pilgrims.
Armenian capital Yerevan holds special place in Armenians hearts.
Yerevan is built of special stone of local mining – pink tuff, what distinguishes the city from all others.
In the main square is singing fountain pleasing locals and visitors with beautiful melodies and sound lights during summer period.
Numerous cafes and restaurants are not much inferior to European ones.
Service level will surprise you, as well as delicious Armenian cuisine and hosting party’s sincerity.
After Yerevan you should visit Echmyadzyn complex, consists of the cathedral (early 4th c.), museum and other wonderful buildings.
Picturesque lake Sevan offers you complex of luxury hotels.
Here you can taste delicious and rare varieties of fresh fish dishes and enjoy and relax during your holiday.
An interesting place for tourists is Mountain Sevsar petroglyphs complex.
On a stone slab measuring 5 square meters were found various signs of heavenly bodies.
This monument is an ancient observatory and the signs of astronomical records motion of celestial bodies are the mystery, which is not solved yet.
Zorats Carrere- stones of power are a prehistoric megalithic complex, which is located at 1770 m altitude in the river Dar valley.
The complex is analogous to the English Stonehenge.
Complex was built long before our age.
In order to list all Armenian ancient monuments would be required more than one page. Therefore we advice you come to Caucasus, rent a car with company Naniko and personally see all the mysteries of these mountain region.