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Profitable car leasing in Bishkek from the company Naniko

The international company Naniko provides its customers with the most efficient types of car leasing in Bishkek. There are two main types of leasing: operating and financial leasing.

What is operating leasing? Basic principles and criteria of the financial leasing. You can find the answers on your questions below:

  • The lessee at any desired time can terminate the contract with the lessor. The lessee have a right to termination the contract in the event that the object of leasing after a particular situation no longer in usable condition.
  • The lessee in case of operating lease have a big plus: the leasing company will assume the repair, technical maintenance and insurance of the car.
  • The term of the operating lease is shorter than the financial lease. The lessor in most cases does not count on covering those costs, which he spent on the purchase of the leasing object.
  • In case of the operating lease the payment amount is always higher than in case of the financial lease. This is explained by the fact that during the operating lease the leasing company carries the additional risks.
  • After the expiration of the contract, the leasing object is always returned to the lessor. After the expiration of the contract it is possible to leave a car or to continue the contract.
  • The lessee saves own expenses to a large extent: the cost of monthly fees always includes VAT and the lessee do not to pay   VAT to the state budget. The monthly fee is the same.
  • The term of the contract is always less than the amortization period of the leasing object.
  • Using operating lease, you have a great opportunity to update my personal fleet or fleet of the company in the short term with a variety of different classes of cars and models. Take into the consideration that all the vehicles in the best condition.

Car rental leasing in Bishkek

We cater to both: physical entities and legal persons.

Strike a bargain with our company about the operating lease and get an excellent opportunity for a constant driving on the new car in Bishkek, as well in other cities and throughout the territory of Kyrgyzstan.