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Car rental in Almaty from Naniko for special offers!

The most options for the most reliable service – Car rental in Almaty from the company Naniko for individuals and legal entities.

Now you can choose a suitable car on our web-site of all possible options. Fill in the online mode of application form and send us a copy of your documents: driving license and passport. Your order will be considered valid and guaranteed when you will receive the confirmation of your reservation on your mail. Order a car in three basic steps: search by date and locations of the desired cars, select the desired car and filling the   applications.

If you take the service a car hire in Almaty from Naniko, you will receive:

  • The best and low prices
  • Wide range of vehicles
  • 24 hour service
  • The very simple way of the reservation
  • Instant booking confirmation
  • The cost, including all local taxes insurance

Our company provides rental cars in Alma-Ata without the driver and with the driver.

To take the car with the driver comes in handy when you are in town for the business meetings and you are not able to drive the car yourself. In addition, if you have your own driver, it already points to your strict business style and the elegant image. Many take a car with driver and thus plan the tours. Local drivers are well aware of local roads and they will show you all the interesting places to visit.

Rent a car without a driver in Almaty is considered as a popular service.

In recent years, many tourists prefer to hire a car in Alma-Ata and don’t order other tourist services. In this case, it is possible to plan interesting itineraries for travel and choose places for stops yourself and independently.

Almaty is an important city of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This city was the first capital of the Republic from 1991 to 1997. The city also has a second name – Alma-Ata. The economic prosperity of the country is most noticeable in Astana and Almaty. Here you can enjoy life to the fullest, as the city has: gourmet restaurants, luxury hotels,   supermarkets with wide range of the products, hot bars and energetic clubs. In winter, you can relax on the coolest ski resorts that are near to the city. The highest point of the city – Kok -Tobe, go up there with the help of the cable car, from there you can watch the snow-capped peaks, and at night before you wonderful views of the illuminated city.

The best time to visit the city is from April to May and then from August to mid-October.

Using the Renting car in Ama-Ata you can arrange an interesting tour of the city and beyond.

Our company is able to provide services to you within 24 hours. Car hiring in Alma-Ata from Naniko your reliable companion during your trip.

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