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Cheap rates for car rental in Bucharest and rent a car from the international company of Naniko

Bucharest is the capital of Romania and this beautiful city attracts numerous visitors every year with its spacious boulevards, architecture and rich cultural and artistic life.
Those who have planned a visit to Bucharest will indeed be able to discover here a huge selection of attractions and places to visit. The best solution for traveling around the city and other regions is to rent a car in Bucharest to have complete freedom and not be forced to follow the schedule of public transport. In the historical center of Bucharest, you can visit the ancient Prince’s court of the fifteenth century, you can attend Orthodox rites in old churches, visit one of 37 museums and 22 theaters of the city.

Find out all about the great travel possibilities and get advantageous terms for cars rent in Bucharest from Naniko!

Among the huge assortment of our fleet you will be able to choose any vehicle that most suits your travel purposes: small and economical cars, spacious and roomy minivans and SUVs, elegant sedans and luxury cars and much more.

The reservation system is created in such a style that you can easily reserve your car in minutes and easily using convenient filters, and also choose additional services and accessories for your comfort and safety. For example, in an unfamiliar territory the GPS navigation system will be indispensable for you, when traveling with children, up to a certain age in most countries, a special child seat is required by law. Other accessories are also offered, and among the additional services you can choose the option of a second driver, a professional chauffeur service and other.

Any necessary and detailed information for car rental will be provided by our qualified specialists, helping you in a more efficient manner to travel and saving your money and effort.

When you make out the lease agreement among the many nuances that are specified in it, you can also choose the fuel policy option that suits you. This can be a condition in which the car is provided with a full tank or empty and each option has appropriate return rules, which about you will be informed on the spot.

Arrange yourself a better trip, using profitable offers from Naniko for auto rental in Bucharest!

When using car rental services, you should definitely pay attention to the terms of acceptance and return, which must be clearly implemented, although if necessary, you can always extend the lease period by prior arrangement.

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