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Search for a cheap car rental in Cyprus and renting a car with Naniko

This magnificent island is blessed all year round with a warm Mediterranean climate, which attracts tourists from all over the world. Excellent beaches, covered with fine sand and the friendly spirit of the local inhabitants make Cyprus a great place to relax. For your best holiday, Naniko provides the services of car rental in Cyprus, throughout the island, including Larnaca, Paphos and Limassol. Such an opportunity will be a simple, convenient and economical means for exploring the entire region. With Naniko, you can make a trip in your own rhythm.
Cyprus is shrouded in legends, mythology and ancient traditions. For many centuries, this island has been visited by many famous historical figures, undoubtedly attracted by the wonderful splendor of the sun and stunning landscapes. And in the modern world, Cyprus has become an incomparable and famous holiday destination. Its pristine beaches, the background of which is an attractive mountain landscape, amazing ruins and the scent of citrus groves are absolutely wonderful. There is everything from exciting nightlife to water sports, cozy villages and fine cuisine. In Ayia Napa, you can see lovers of festivities and dances until sunrise. It is certainly worth visiting the National Forest Park Troodos and enjoying the amazing life of plants and animals.

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The company Naniko directs its work to provide consumers with a comfortable means of transportation so that they enjoy complete freedom and could learn more on their trip. We are working hard to find the perfect car for you and to provide you a journey without stress from start to finish.

Undoubtedly, rent a car makes you free, but an important factor is the economy of the services used. And at this point, we are glad to inform you that you receive the most effective tariffs, with taxes and compulsory motor insurance included in them. No hidden margins, everything works on the principle of maximum transparency.

The most important factor is also the quality of services. And here also you will not be disappointed! Our qualified specialists will promptly and exhaustively provide you with the necessary information and the required service at the highest level. And our customer support service will be available to you at any time of the day to help you during your journey.

Use a unique service of car rent in Cyprus and get the perfect opportunity from Naniko to save more!

We work with automakers with a worldwide reputation and therefore our fleet is able to offer you the most high-quality cars of a very wide range.

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