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Car Rental in Kiev, Ukraine, by best rates from Naniko car hire

Kiev being among the long-standing cities in Eastern Europe, experienced moments of maximum splendor and prosperity in the tenth – thirteenth centuries, when the it was the capital of a powerful Slavic state and the most important economic, cultural and religious center. In the years of World War II Kiev was badly damaged, but today it is a combination of magnificent old architecture and modern buildings.

The city is served by two airports, and from many points of view is the right place for car rental in Kiev. This service can be ordered with the comfort from home at any time, by site, in real-time viewing all our great offers.

Visiting Kiev by car hired with Naniko discover the artistic wealth of the city, without losing sight of anything.

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  • Rent a car in Kiev – If you cancel or change your order 48 hours prior to the start of your lease, you will not have to pay any extra.
  • Upon receipt of the auto do not loose sight of providing personal documents and your reservation voucher, which demonstrating the details of your booking and credit card.
  • All our prices include full auto insurance and taxes.
  • In most cases, with our cars can cross the border of another country with previously issued by our company permission to do so.
  • When booking or after you can order additional accessories like GPS navigation system, child seats, luggage baskets and much more.
  • If desired, you can append supplementary drivers to your car, previously agree with the company and passing associated with this procedure.
  • The vehicle can be delivered to the address that you specify, whether it is a hotel, airport or any other place.

Traveling by car renting in Kiev with the best offers from Naniko!

Kiev is placed on both coasts of the Dnieper River, in northern Ukraine. The old part lies on the right bank, but only in the twentieth century erased the building on the left bank. A population of about three million people.

Public transport in Kiev presented by subway, bus and tram lines. With Metro may reach any part of the city, while buses and trams outdated and less reliable, but for the immediate future, there are ambitious plans for sharp modernization of public transport.

To visit the beautiful city center, you can leave your rental cars in Kiev in closed parking around the center, or in a secure parking lot.

In St. Sophia Cathedral can be seen the most valuable reproductions and magnificent mosaics. You can go shopping on Khreschatyk and stroll on St. Andrew's descent, explore the scenic merchant area Podol with restaurants and art galleries.





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