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Among the European countries there are some which, due to certain historical stages, may be less well known for mass tourism, but to date it is already obvious that among the most interesting destinations for tourism is Lithuania, the territory of which is covered with dense forests and, in the presence of the Baltic sea coast and magnificent lakes and rivers, here you can make really magnificent tours. In its turn, the capital of the country, Vilnius, has a lot of incredible wealth, which attracts millions of tourists a year. There are communities of eccentric artists, shady yards, unique and rare sights that reflect the character of this nation. There are many reasons for visiting Lithuania and among them we note that you can find authenticity of exceptional traditions, get an unforgettable experience of visiting Kernavė, dating from the period of ancient civilizations, you can see the monument to Frank Zappa and take part in song and dance festivals, enjoy a holiday on exceptional resorts.

Renting a car in Lithuania will give you the ideal opportunity to open this country in all comfort and according to your plans and wishes to get a special experience when opening this Baltic country in contact with a unique atmosphere. Lithuania can be visited without problems year-round, which is an important information for those who wish to use the services of Naniko to get the best car rental in Lithuania.

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Prices that we are able to provide our customers are always the most competitive and initially contain the cost of car insurance and local taxes. Payment for the services you ordered can be made in any manner appropriate to you, either on-line payment or in cash at our offices, in accordance with local law.

Booking and car hire in Lithuania can be made in advance via our convenient reservation system. If you arrive at the airport and wish your car to be delivered to your place of arrival, then do not forget to mention this at the time of booking, also give us the exact details of your flight so that we have access to the correct information on the arrival of the flight.

The staff of Naniko will be happy to arrange for you as delivery of a car to the airport or to another place you need, also its reception at the end of the rental period, even outside the working day.
You can also take advantage of a special one-way rental option if your plans include a linear route.

When receiving a car, a rental contract is always drawn up, which specifies the exact rental period at the daily rate, and 24 hours are accepted for the rental day. You always have the option of extending this period if necessary, but in order to keep your daily rate, try to contact us a few days in advance before the end of the contract term.

Our service system is designed to maximize the satisfaction of our customers. We often have special offers and promotions, within the framework of which you can get very favorable terms and substantial discounts.

Make sure of the correctness of your choice, taking advantage of the super low rates from Naniko for auto rental in Lithuania!

Please pay special attention to the requirements for personal documents that may differ in this country. In particular, if your driver’s license is issued in an unreadable language in the country, then make sure that you have this document of international standard.

Interesting may be for you the option of an additional driver, if you travel with fellow travelers or with colleagues. It should be taken into account that any additional driver must also provide his personal documents for obtaining the same rights and responsibilities as the main one.