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Best offers for car rental in Ljubljana and benefits of rent a car from Naniko

The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana is amongst of those few original places where among its cultural attractions, characteristic architecture and charming streets one can feel comfortable in the shrouded special atmosphere of a European city. It is certainly worth taking care beforehand that your exciting trip to this amazing city would not be overshadowed by moments of waiting for public transport or high prices for taxi services and therefore it is better to reserve services for car rental in Ljubljana, choosing the most profitable options via the Naniko website.

In Ljubljana, you can see a clear imprint of the period of the Habsburg empire, which is so evident in the characteristic style of buildings and the predominant white color of such structures as the churches and palaces of that period. The city is located along the Ljubljana River, and strolling along the waterfront you can see the main cultural attractions of the city. Meanwhile, the Old Town will pleasantly surprise you with its picturesque cobbled streets, and from the bridges across the river you will be able to observe the city, which sinks into the twilight and is illuminated by multi-colored neon.

In any direction, you can travel with maximum comfort on a car rent in Ljubljana at low rates from Naniko!

A wide range of categories of vehicles available in our fleet will provide you with the ideal opportunity to travel in your own style without sacrificing your desires. With the help of a convenient system and available filters, simply select the car that fits your plans: economy mini is suitable for city trips, as they are flexible for maneuvering in traffic conditions, comfortable and elegant sedans perfectly emphasize your image at business meetings, reliable off-roads are unique for mountain trips, and capacious minivans are suitable for group travel.

We have a well-developed and ramified network of rental points throughout the country and in most countries around the world, so for you will also be easily accessible even linear routes where you can get a car rent in Ljubljana, and return it to the final point of your journey.

Find out about the latest updates and discounts for auto rental in Ljubljana on the Naniko website and start the perfect trip with benefits!

There are cases when the tenant does not wish to drive the rented car independently and wants to completely relax in his trip. In this case, we offer a very convenient service of qualified drivers from our company, who know a foreign language and are well versed in local routes.

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