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Find the perfect conditions for car rental at Milan-Malpensa Airport and rent a car from Naniko

Milan Malpensa Airport, the name of which derives from its neighboring area, is one of the most important airports in Milan, which forms the airport system serving the air traffic in Lombardy together with Linate and Orio al Serio, disposed near Bergamo. Malpensa has a passenger flow of more than 33 million people a year. Having superiority in transportation in the north of Italy, Malpensa also takes the second place among the national airports.
Arriving here and having completely different purposes, travelers may need a convenient means of transportation, and therefore it is worth using a service of car hire at the Malpensa airport, which can be arranged in advance via the online booking system on the Naniko website. Thus, right at the arrival you will be able to get your car and you will be given the opportunity to travel throughout the region, both for business purposes and for holidays.
When making a reservation for car rental at the Milan Malpensa airport via the Naniko website, you will be able to specify any other place of delivery of the car, either any terminal or another. Both terminals of the airport are connected by a free shuttle service.


Explore a variety of destinations and new places with Naniko using car rent at Milan airport at low fares!

We will offer you the most economical prices in which VAT, as well as compulsory car insurance is already included. You can quickly implement the process of booking, without wasting time and effort to find other options, via the Internet or directly by phone. Whichever is a way of booking, you will receive a confirmation voucher with the selected order details.


In our fleet you will find any types and categories of cars and can choose a specific model. In those exceptional cases, when the model you have chosen is not available for this period, we will offer you an auto of the corresponding category.
At the place where the car is received, a rental contract is drawn up, which also specifies the exact rental period. If you need to extend the lease period, you need to contact us a few days in advance before the end of the contract.

Favorable conditions for auto rental at the Milan Malpensa airport will be provided by Naniko!

For successful cooperation, the tenant also has responsibilities that must be respected. So, for example, the client must provide the correct e-mail address, which is very important for communication and sending out some documents.
You always have the right of free cancellation or change of the order, but no later than 48 hours before the start of the rental period. Find out any details from our courteous operators.


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