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Car rental at the Moscow airport Vnukovo – VKO and rent a car with Naniko

Your visit to the capital of the Russian Federation can reasonably begin with the preliminary organization of the issue of accommodation, also such an important issue as the means of movement during your stay here. With approximately fourteen million people taking into account urban areas, Moscow is among the most populated places in the world. Given the huge scale of this city and the country as a whole, many choose such a convenient method of movement, like car rental at Vnukovo airport, through which any visit can flow more smoothly and comfortably, freely visiting the country and reaching many other large cities.

Moscow-Vnukovo International Airport is listed among of five major airports serving Moscow and the region and is disposed near the capital, only 27 km from its center. Millions of tourists and business people pass through this airport every year.
The company of Naniko will be able to offer you the most interesting and economical options for rent a car at Vnukovo airport and in just a few hours of travel, you can get to the important cities of the country, such as Smolensk, Yaroslavl and Kastroma. Undoubtedly an interesting area for exploring is St. Petersburg, the former capital and residence of Russian tsars.

More adventurous travelers will be able to make exciting trips to the eastern part of the country and, passing through endless plains, reach cities such as Kazan, Samara and Saratov, placed on the bank of the Volga River.

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We offer agile city cars, elegant sedans for business trips or solemn events, convenient minivans for family trips and much more.

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