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It should not be easy to briefly describe a city like Rome. It is a city of great and ancient monuments, a city of art and exceptional sights that have preserved their charm for centuries. In addition that it is the most desired place for visit in terms of touristm, Rome is the capital and the largest city in the country. To date, the population of Rome is approximately 3.8 million people. Throughout its history in Rome, people came from far away, some for study, and others for trade. Although the population of the eternal city has always been very diverse, today its predominant part, in particular, about 80% are of Italian origin.
Rome is disposed in the Lazio region and is crossed by two rivers flowing into the Mediterranean Sea. Among the features of Rome, it is necessary to note the fact that here, in the very center is the Vatican – the headquarters of the Catholic Church.

Those who come to Rome for leisure and excursions, as well as for a business trip, will be able to take advantage of the ideal opportunity offered by Naniko, in particular, low-cost car rental in Rome, with which you can visit the capital of Italy and its surroundings in full autonomy , according your own routes. This service is also ideal for those who arrive in the capital’s airports and immediately upon arrival can receive a car ordered in advance from our company.

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The voucher received at the completion of the booking process will contain the details of your order. But please note that the voucher is not a document that is identical to the lease agreement, which will necessarily be issued at the place of receiving the car. In this agreement, in addition to all rental conditions, the agreed rental period is also indicated, but you can always prolong it, informing us about it before the end of the lease term.

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