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Economical car rental in Slovakia and rent a car by an international service provider of Naniko

Located in Eastern Europe, Slovakia is a place of attraction for numerous tourists, thanks to its territorial and natural features. The high mountains of Tartu, interesting historical cities such as Levoca and Bardejov, the possibility of rafting along the Danube River and much more are good reasons for visiting this country. Fans of historical places will be able to visit some of their 180 castles and ruins preserved on the Slovak land.

Using the opportunities available via the Naniko website, you can easily find the best offers for car rental in Slovakia and independently travel in comfort, discovering interesting places, cultural and natural attractions.
With an extensive network of rental locations, Naniko is able to offer you a rent a car in Slovakia, in the very place where you need these services. The widest choice of categories of vehicles and the most affordable prices will be excellent prerequisites for travel without restrictions.

Use all the best of the offered range of car rent in Slovakia from Naniko and tour with amenities!

Tariffs provided by Naniko always include mandatory insurance and taxes, and on all our cars is offered an unlimited mileage, which is an essential criterion for economy. Even in case of unforeseen situations on the road, you receive free technical assistance from us and, if necessary, we even replace the car with a model of a similar category or higher.

There is no risk of fines, if for personal reasons you need to change or cancel the order. This can be done completely free of charge 48 hours before the start of the rental period. It should be noted that if you change the car model or the total rental period, the total amount of services also changes.

To ensure that our customers can travel in maximum comfort, we offer a selection of accessories for their choice, including navigators, children’s car seats, luggage and sports equipment transportation devices, winter appliances and more.

Any traveler, be it a businessman or a tourist, will be able to find the most profitable package of services for himself, proceeding from the variety of options offered by us. For example, it can be rent a car in the short or long terms, one way rental, operating or corporate leasing, and more.

Unique and ideal conditions for your travel are offered from Naniko for auto rental services in Slovakia!

In cooperation with us, you will have no doubt that you receive the best services from the existing ones on the rental market. The constantly updated fleet of the company and an improved system of services are pledges of the highest quality.

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