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As the capital of the Kingdom of Sweden, Stockholm is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is built on fourteen islands and being here, you will always be close to the water, walking along the water current or in magnificent parks.
Starting from the moment you arrive in this wonderful city, you will have a question which vehicle is the most convenient and effective for moving throughout your journey. To freely dispose of their time, allocated for a trip and not dependent on public transport schedules, most travelers choose a car rental service in Stockholm.
Stockholm is full of innumerable gardens and parks. In the Old town you can visit the Royal Palace, and in other parts of the city there are charming medieval buildings, as well as you can enjoy a bright and modern architecture.
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It is interesting to visit the Stockholm archipelago located 80 kilometers east of Stockholm. Here you can get carried away by shopping and relaxing in good restaurants, also enjoy untouched landscapes of fairytale beauty. In a word, the archipelago can offer the tourist a whole world of possibilities.