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Car rental in Tashkent airport car hire from international leader Naniko

The worldwide company Naniko offers the most convenient service – car rental at the airport in Tashkent with full comfort and amenities.

In a rich car fleet of our company you can find: small and compact economy cars and middle classes of the budget cost, as well as cars of business class, comfortable SUVs and minivans and sports cars. Here you have a possibility to find a car of your desire, any time.

All our vehicles are insured and therefore insurance is included in the price. The cost of renting cars also includes local taxes and VAT.

Rent a car at the airport in Tashkent – the lowest possible prices from our company!

We provide cars for a rent at the Tashkent Airport which are produced in the past years; our service meets to the international standards. We are proud that we have hundreds of satisfied customers.

We can   provide car hire in Tashkent airport for a minimum rental period – one day. You can order this service at any time.

Take a car for hire in Tashkent can everyone in the age of twenty-one years old, who has two years of driving experience.

Our prices are always competitive and lower than the prices of other companies. For those who order our service for the second time, our operators will make a discount.

Car hire at the airport in Tashkent – 24 hour service for you from our company!

In the event that you need is to get the car immediately after landing your plane, you should book a car in advance. Fill out an application and attach a copy of your documents (passport or identity card and driver’s license). When you get on your e-mail a confirmation of your reservation from our operator, your order will be considered as guaranteed.

In the waiting room of the Tashkent airport will be meet by our company’s representative with the board of your name. Auto transmission only takes a few minutes. You sign the documents and, without stopping in search of the vehicle immediately after the arrival continue your way.

Tashkent International Airport

Tashkent International Airport occupies an important place on the international level. Here intersect significant overhead lines. Airways are directed from the CIS countries to the East Asia and America. The airport is connected by means of air routes to all the cities around the world. Airfield of the Airport is in force to take all types of vessels. Airport capacity – more than 1,000 people every hour. And every year the airport is serving to a total of 2 million passengers.

Besides the international flights, the airport provides domestic flights. If you are a tourist and you want to get into the historic city of Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva – you can use a domestic flight.

You can take a car from our company from the Tashkent International Airport and return it in a very different place in another city. This issue must be agreed in advance.

Naniko Company is looking forward the landing of your flight. We are at your service!

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