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Find advantageous offers for car rental in Valletta and learn more about options for rent a car with Naniko

Valletta is the unique capital of Malta, where you can find a lot of interesting things that should not be overlooked when visiting it. In order not to spend a lot of time waiting for taxis, buses or trains and to use reasonably allocated time for your trip, it’s better to rent a car in Valletta from Naniko and to visit in full comfort such places as the Fortress St. Elmo, Blue Lagoon and other famous or lesser known attractions according to your pace, and most importantly, at a convenient price.
Do not miss out on the beautiful promenade of La Valletta, where you can visit the characteristic harbor, including the ferry terminal of the Circus, the Gozo terminal and the port of Portomaso. Here you can enjoy life, simply breathing fresh sea air and escape from ordinary worldly worries.
Valletta Gardens are truly unique, where you can spend a relaxing day in the botanical garden, visit the gardens of Hastings and discover a magnificent green oasis.
A lot of masterpieces are waiting for you in such museums as Fort St. Elmo and the Museum of Natural History. You can also devote time to discovering the fascinating history of La Valletta with a trip back in time, visiting attractions such as the catacombs of St. Paul and the crypt of St. Agatha or Moulin. Do not miss the chance to find cheap packages of car rental in Valletta through our system right now!

Explore the most exciting places and carry out a grand tour on the car rent in Valletta at competitive rates from Naniko!

In our fleet you can choose a convenient and spacious SUV, corporate clients or travelers with family can rent spacious and comfortable minivans, and lovers can enjoy a romantic trip on our sports cabriolets. In a word, here you will find an ideal car for yourself at the most unbeatable price.

On our website you will often be able to find special offers for specific destinations, as well as frequent seasonal discounts, which will make your trip even more economical and profitable. At a time when special conditions are offered for a certain period, you can, for example, rent a car for a week and get one day of rental as a gift, or many other options.

Choosing and reserving a specific model of the car, you can also specify additional services, options for the second driver, service of professional drivers or a transfer, also select all the necessary equipment for your travel style, for example, a navigator, child seat, luggage basket and much more.

Receive from Naniko auto rent in Valletta providently booking services through our on-line system in advance!

We often update our service system, introducing new options into it and adjusting it so that the number of satisfied customers is always upward.

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