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Interesting options for car rental at Verona airport and super low rates for rent a car by Naniko

The international airport serving Verona located 12 km south of the city and is named after Valerio Catullo, or simply Verona Villafranca. Originally it was a military airport, but today the passenger flow here is about 2 million people per year. The terminal building is a bit small for such a flow and therefore in the high season there are delays sometimes.
Although the airport is not equipped with rail service to the city, there is a well-established bus connection. In the terminal there is a suitable system for servicing travelers, a number of shops and bars. In the aviation industry Verona-Villafranca is denoted by the IATA VRN code.

The first city, which can be reached by car rent at Verona airport, will be Peschiera del Grada, which is a real city fortress surrounded by water. In addition to the fact that this city is rich in monuments, there are wide and beautiful beaches on the lake from where you can enjoy the landscapes of Monte Baldo. Opportunities to engage in various sports in the open air set, ranging from cycling, sailing or windsurfing on the lake. And in order to enjoy the clean air it’s enough just to walk along the shore.

Using the services of Naniko for car rent at the airport of Verona, you get a trip of your taste!

Confirmation of your booking made through our website, you will receive in a few hours. The booking voucher, in which all the details of your order are indicated, must be carried along with the other required documents when you receive the car and make out the lease.

For more comfort and safety for our customers, we provide a range of additional services and accessories, among which you can rent a navigator, a car seat for children, holders of sports equipment and much more.

A variety of packages of services allows you to choose for yourself the most acceptable conditions. Scheduling a trip along the international route, you will be given the opportunity to travel on our cars with the crossing of the borders of the country.

Discover our comprehensive service for car rental at Verona Airport, at affordable prices from Naniko!

An important factor of cooperation with us are the numerous benefits that we provide to our consumers. Our low tariffs already take into account the cost of compulsory insurance and VAT.
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