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Rent a car at the Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg. Select low prices for car rental from Naniko

St. Petersburg, built in 1703 by Tsar Peter the Great, in the place where the Neva flows into the Gulf of Finland, has won the hearts of millions of travelers over the centuries. It is difficult to single out any particular place and call it the main attraction, since in this city-museum, it would be seen that everything is a true work of art. To see the city in all its charm, it is worth a boat ride along the Neva River, from where you can get a wonderful view of historic buildings, also enjoy the opening of bridges at night.

An incomparable sight can be observed in May and June, watching the white nights. Planning this interesting trip, you can provide yourself with complete freedom of movement by ordering car rental services at St. Petersburg’s airport before leaving, through the Naniko website.

The northern capital is served by the international airport of Pulkovo, which is placed about twenty kilometers from it. Several times the airport reconstruction works were carried out, and today about 10 million passengers are served here annually.
Among the most modern airports in Russia, Pulkovo has two runways and is equipped with all the technological systems that allow to work around the clock.
Having received from Naniko the best services for rent a car at Pulkovo airport, you can independently choose the routes you need and visit interesting places in the vicinity of the city.
It is impossible to resist the opportunity to visit this beautiful city of Russia, where you are met by elegant royal buildings that have survived the test of time.

Discover the magnificent places of the Northern capital with car rent from Pulkovo airport provided by Naniko!

The airport terminals are provided with a good range of services for travelers, there are many food points, cozy bars and shops. Among the many services you will also find car rental offices of our company, but in order not to waste time on arrival, and immediately get your car, it is better to take advantage of the convenient reservation system on the Naniko website.

Many providers of these services charge an additional fee for the delivery of the car during non-working hours. Our company is available to you at any time of the day, even if your flight is late in the evening or early morning. It is only necessary to inform us about this in advance.

All that you need for a comfortable trip, you can also order through our system, in particular additional accessories or special options.

Get the most economical rates and mileage without restrictions on auto rental at St. Petersburg Airport from Naniko!

We always recommend paying attention to the fact that compulsory insurance and local taxes are already included in the rates offered to you, but if you desire an additional insurance package, our specialists will offer you several options.

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