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Placed between Europe and Asia, Russia’s vast territory is a truly inexhaustible world for discoveries, which is very convenient to explore with availability of car rent in Russia, which will allow you to enjoy the beautiful cities of the country in all freedom, explore its two famous capitals, Moscow and St. Petersburg, also their historical suburbs.

To get acquainted with the rich history of the country and the beauty of architecture, the right decision will be to contact Naniko, which has many years of experience in the car rental market in Russia and around the world and will be able to provide you with many opportunities in this field. Here you can get many useful tips on how to make your journey by car as successful and safe as possible. The presence of a car is an indisputable advantage, but one should also remember that roads in Russia are not always in excellent condition, especially if you intend to go to such hard-to-reach places as Siberia. Many cities in Russia, of course, are really fascinating , especially for those who like to travel.
On your car you can tour the famous Golden Ring, within which there are many major attractions, especially from an architectural and religious point of view. Moving along the Volga River, you can make a true journey through time, opening up along the way special places, such as the monastery of Vladimir or the Rostov Monastery.

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Despite the immense size of the country, our company provides its services all over the place and our offices are available in many cities and key locations. Efficiency and reliability in the provision of services are the top priorities of our work.
We offer competitive prices that are always clear and convincing, they do not have hidden surcharges and everything that is included or not included in the rental price is reported in a clear manner, with the goal not to mislead customers. You can even count on the fact that if you change your plans, you can change or cancel your order without the risk of penalties.

Those who require long-term rent will be able to find special offers for both private and corporate clients.

The company Naniko strive to provide you the best services for car rent in Russia, cheap, reliable and with style!

We work with the best car manufacturers in the world and always carefully select our partners to offer our customers excellent vehicles that meet the high standards requirements. We highly appreciate our clients’ feedback on our work, which helps us to improve our services and increasingly meet the needs of our customers.