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In anticipation of the planned visit of the city, of course you will learn some information in advance how best organize your trip. First of all, Yerevan is the capital and the most important and populous city of Armenia, built in the vicinity of the Hrazdan River, at the foot of the famous Mount Ararat, near the Turkish border. Territory of Yerevan is divided into twelve different areas.

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Yerevan is one of the most important industrial and cultural centers of the country, which has available a number of prestigious educational institutions, the Academy of Sciences, Museum of History and conservatory. Among the main attractions, we should note two ancient military fortifications at the moment are in ruins, one of which dates back to the ancient Rome, another is of a period of Urartu – the ancient kingdom of Armenia, between the ‘860 and 585 BC. This fortress called Erebuni.

Rent a car in Armenia – It should be noted that the city has a very interesting zoo and botanical garden, where you can spend the day with family, relax and enjoy the refreshing natural beauty of these places.

Unfortunately, in the history of Armenia has a sad chapter, the country was subjected to genocide in the desert of Anatolia in 1915. At that time, hundreds of thousands of Armenians were forced to sacrifice their lives, going into battle against the Turkish army. Evidence of these tragic events are preserved in the museum, which is located in Yerevan.

Rental cars in Armenia – In memory wall buried a handful of earth from the graves of those who fought to help the Armenian population in the tragic moments of their history. Among them should be mentioned such as Anatole France, Giacomo Gorrini and others.

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