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If you intend to arrange an unforgettable vacation in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, then definitely we can say that Finland is such a place, especially if you are a fan of winter sports. In a word, Finland will be a dream come true for you! This fascinating country will be easier to learn if you have a private means of transportation and in this matter the service of car rental in Finland will help you and many distant places will be accessible for you with ease.
But not only winter can please visitors here, but in summer you can enjoy long bright days filled with jazz, opera, fun and many international festivals. Returning to the winter theme, it should be noted that Finland in winter turns into a true Mecca for lovers of winter sports. Here you are met by sparkling lakes and endless forest expanses, it may seem that Finland was created specifically for relaxation and stress reduction. Another amazing feature is that in the middle of summer in Northern Finland, the sun does not actually set in for several weeks. And also in Northern Finland there are about 200 places where you can observe the Northern Lights.
Via the Naniko website, you will find many different options for rent a car in Finland and can travel freely in any direction. In the western part of the country you can admire the charming wooden buildings of small towns, as well as enjoy a view of classical Finnish architecture and traditional art.

Visit the grandiose attractions on the car rent in Finland, received at low prices from Naniko!

The availability of many of our rental locations throughout Finland, also in other countries, allows our customers to make linear routes, also cross-border travel. If you do not intend to return to the starting point of the trip, then you can easily return the car rent at the final point of your trip.

Our fleet has a huge assortment of vehicles of various categories, and you will easily choose the most suitable car for your needs. Our cars are always in perfect condition, safe and with proven quality.

We always strive to provide the lowest tariffs in the market, in which taxes and compulsory insurance are already included, there are no hidden surcharges and everything is clearly visible from the beginning.

Give your travel a special gloss with the convenience of auto rental in Finland on favorable terms from Naniko!

A very advantageous advantage is the unlimited mileage provided by us for all our cars. In this case, you will easily choose for yourself any long-distance route without worrying about additional costs.

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